About Us

On time. On budget. It’s that simple.

Our History

Every business has a few memorable milestones. For us, one of those milestones was in 1979, when Sweitze Slotegraaf started Slotegraaf Construction, founded on integrity and quality craftsmanship. Another milestone occurred in 1996 when Sweitze's son, Dave, joined the company full-time, later becoming sole-owner in 2013. A few years after Dave became president of Slotegraaf Construction, a sister company named Integribuild Construction Management, was established.

Knowing that construction is often associated with delays and cost overruns, Integribuild determined to uphold the values ingrained in Slotegraaf Construction, values like “Built Right, On Time”. Integribuild has a strict commercial construction focus that is supported by a dedicated team of skilled staff and trade professionals. And since our founding in 2015, every person who is a part of Integribuild has been committed to our vision of excellence and integrity.

Our Team

For the last 40 years we have carefully sought out people and sub-contractors who share our core values, demonstrate pride in their work, and carry themselves with integrity. At Integribuild Construction Management, these values are ingrained in our culture and are at the very foundation of every project we tackle from start to finish.

Safety first

Providing a healthy and safe work environment that protects our employees, workers, and all visitors-to-site from injury, illness and disease is the main objective of our safety program. We care about our staff and want to foster a safe workplace environment where team members feel secure about the task at hand. Safety is a serious matter and we believe that no one should take risks in this area. We are members of the GVCA safety group to ensure that we receive industry leading education and leadership in implementation as needed. You can feel confident in knowing that we are fully insured, all of our workers have received proper safety training, and most importantly we have an impeccable safety record.

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Our mission is simple.

“To deliver commercial construction projects right, on time and on budget.”

Our vision is clear.

  • We see projects being done right. On budget. On time.
  • We see stunning and functional business spaces being built.
  • We see business owners feeling more relaxed during and after construction.
  • We see business owners enjoying less downtime.
  • We see business owners enjoying better bottom lines.
  • We see neighbouring businesses feeling respected during construction.
  • We see our clients and their customers enjoying their new spaces.
  • We see our staff and subcontractors thriving.
  • We see a more accountable construction industry.

Our Team

  • Dave Slotegraaf

    President; Project Manager

  • Eric Hart

    Construction Manager

  • Aaron Pietrkiewicz

    Assistant Carpenter

  • Nick Olynyk

    Assistant Carpenter

  • Shawn Ramsden

    Lead Carpenter

  • Steve Gillett


  • Terry Knox

    Assistant Carpenter