Historic Charm, Modern Comfort

Fergus Grand Theatre

Classic Restoration

The Fergus Grand Theatre is a classic piece of architecture with stunning stained glass elements adorning the entranceways. It is a building that until recently, lacked current accessibility features and was losing some of its original character. Integribuild was engaged throughout the process, working with the owner and architect, to provide building and design expertise to restore this historic 1928 theatrical facility to its original character while incorporating various modern necessities into the front entrance area.

To recapture the original essence of the theatre, an entirely new front entrance had to be carefully crafted out of solid white Ash, and the original 1928 façade was replicated. The stained glass windows, which were hidden under the green existing siding, had to be refurbished and rebuilt with fine attention to detail.

Precise Craftsmanship

The existing auditorium had a historically designated tin ceiling that had many areas of large flaking paint that needed to be fully refinished. The addition of the extra work was approved with the agreement of completion within the same time frame as the front entrance, as the theatre could not be closed any longer. IntegriBuild, working with our sub-trades, was able to efficiently amalgamate the added scope of work into the schedule without any delays or extensions in the timeline. The old paint was stripped off the original tin ceiling, with the aid of an engineered scaffold system for access, in order to apply a fresh finish coat of paint to revitalize the inside of the theatre.

The result was a unique entertainment venue with all the historic charm of the 1920’s and the comfort and convenience of the present.

Other Key Features Included:

  • Project Built Right and Delivered On Time for the Client
  • Modern barrier free accessibility
  • Replaced concrete sidewalk
  • Decorative light features to accentuate the front façade

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