Ready when you are.

Our services.

Design Build. Our job is to work closely with you at every step of the construction process. From the beginning, we get to know your company’s unique culture and values so they are reflected in your design. We put together a collaborative team of project managers, designers, engineers, planners and architects who work together to provide you with a complete, surprise-free, building proposal early in the process. From here we deliver expert scheduling, ongoing communication and a quality product tailored to your needs.

General Contractor. A preferred construction choice across the industry, Integribuild is responsible for the complete management and execution of our construction project. We provide you with a firm contract bid, based on complete architectural drawings.

Construction Management. A centralized management process, involving the owner and all appropriate consultants and subcontractors, to develop and execute a comprehensive construction plan. The project is managed in phases of design, tender and legal, construction, and completion.

Bold promises delivered.

Construction is often associated with delays and cost overruns. At Integribuild, we know that a single day of downtime is more than an inconvenience for you; it affects your bottom line. When searching for a construction firm you want a company that delivers quality craftsmanship while maintaining efficiency in their process. You deserve better. Integribuild delivers. Guaranteed.

When you put your project in our hands, you discover what many of our clients have already discovered. You discover that we are a company that maintains a high standard of integrity, quality, and efficiency. Our process of managing each stage from conceptual drawings to preliminary budgets ensures timely, accurate, effective methods that give you peace of mind. We build right, on budget, on time. No surprises.

Strongest guarantee in Southern Ontario.

We stake our reputation on your satisfaction. That is why we make your project manager available to discuss any aspect of your project. Even after the renovation or facility upgrade has been completed, we promise you will feel secure knowing that our warranty, as outlined in your project binder, is one of the most extensive in the industry.